Speech is recorded but not music afterwards

I am using a cassette to record onto Audacity, which is great when there is speech, but as soon as the speech stops and the music starts, it doesn’t record - the wave flatlines. What can I do to rectify this?

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

One of the ways software removes hum, buzz, fan noise and other interference from your voice is to remove any sustained notes—such as music. Also make sure you don’t have Zoom, Skype, meetings or any other program like that running in the background.


Thanks, I tried that but didn’t work. I understand why that enhancements would affect the speaker, but it’s affecting the recording capability in Audacity.

Thanks. It’s a new laptop I’ve got, and I haven’t got teams, zoom, skype on it at all! Not working still…

How is the cassette player connected to the computer? …There are certain things that can cause “phase cancelation”, but usually it’s the voice in the “center” of a stereo recording that gets canceled. Or if there is music on the left and voice on the right, you might only be getting one channel.

Windows seems to be getting very good at keeping the voice while removing or reducing everything else. And it causes all kinds of weird problems for people trying to make good-quality, accurate, recordings.

There are recording enhancements & playback enhancements. They are separate : independent.

[There can also be a second layer of Audio enhancements, e.g. MaxxAudio, & DTS ].

It’s totally a recording and microphone thing. What most marketable people want to do is go on-line with 30 of their closest friends and talk to each other without 30 room noises getting in the way.

In the distant past they used to use that continuous tone thing to recognize interference. I wouldn’t be shocked to find the latest AI tools able to “know” what a voice is and only let that through.

You could search the maker of your computer and see if there any clues there. As above, the makers are getting good at hiding the programs.

Also search where you bought the computer and see if there’s anything there.

And to bring this around, last I checked, Audacity doesn’t apply filters, effects, or corrections during recording. There are many calls for that, but if they did that, Audacity would never work again.


Thanks. I am using an ION USB cassette player to plug in to Audacity that I have uploaded onto my HP laptop, which is using Windows 11. I am trying to digitise my cassettes from the 1960s onwards, so I want to use Audacity so that I can do some proper controlled filtering of background noises, not the sledgehammer that is on offer between the cassette and Audacity!

I’m having similar issues. I want the pure audio, I don’t want the software to filter out background noise. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn that off, or is it just inherent to the software now?

Did you TRY turning-off “enhancements”?

It’s NOT Audacity. It’s your operating system or a driver “feature”.

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You’re a saint. Gotta go in a little bit of a different direction than the link you sent would have you go, (you have to adjust the recording settings and turn off enhancements from there) but that definitely did address my issue.

I thought I would need to get different software, or that it would all have the same issue!

Again, thank you so much, that was a lifesaver.

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