Spectrum Plot

To Whom It May Concern:

Requested features for Spectrum Plot:

  1. Remember window size across sessions; preferred in general, but at least for stored projects.
  2. Remember Spectrum-plot parameters (Algorithm, Function, Size, Axis) across sessions.
  3. Offer screen shot for Spectrum-Plot (with user adjustable diagonal area selection) by right clicking on plot window.
  4. Realtime spectrum plot with max-spectra hold.

Thanks for your consideration, MMliam

I suspect this is an existing feature request. If it is, we can add your vote.

It’s super difficult to compare two readings when the display keeps changing to maximize presented information.


Doesn’t Plot Spectrum already remember it’s settings until you change them?

This will be available in Audacity 3.0.0 using “Tools menu > Screenshot”.

In the meantime … https://www.voxengo.com/product/span/ [Mac & PC]

Regarding the “maximize” comment; I’m not sure if I was misunderstood when I referred to max-spectra. For the requested real-time spectral plot, I was saying that the maximum of each individual spectral component be displayed and updated as the input signal continues. This is similar to what the static spectral plot displays for the recorded signal, but in this case it’s a continuous update.


In Windows, Alt-PrtScrn. then paste into your favorite bmp/png image viewer.

Alt-PrintScreen doesn’t work on my PC. But, I’ve been using a better option, the Snipping-Tool that allows the user to diagonally select the specific area of interest, and save it as a .png. Just thought as long as Audacity already had a “Screenshot” function it could be made more useful by including the diagonal screen area selection capability.


I think we missed each other in the mist. Yes, the Windows Snipping Tool is how I’ve been getting my forum examples from screen shots.

Works a treat and is a cousin to the Mac screen capture tools (capture the screen, draw a box).

My suggestion is to be able to freeze the left-edge and bottom edge values for several readings. Even with screen caps it does no good if your actual spectrum under test decreased in volume, but Plot Spectrum helpfully changed the left-edge values and range to make up for it.

Stop helping me.