spectrum analyzer

I want to use the spectrum analyzer under the Analyze tool in Audacity. I can find no information on how to control either the frequency limits of the display or the amplitude display. It would also be nice to find out how to contact the writer. Can anyone out there help me?


As far as I know there’s no direct way to control either. The low frequency limit will change as you select larger and larger window sizes, but the HF end remains constant. The amplitude display is scaled to the maximum it needs to display, thus giving the best resolution. Not the best solution when you want to compare plots, though.

Sorry, no idea who wrote the code.

– Bill

The HF end is dependent on the sampling rate of the track. The upper frequency limit is set to the Nyquist frequency.

If you would like to see some alternative, you are welcome to post your ideas in the “Adding Features” section of the forum.

You may be able to control what you want this way: Menu → Edit → Preferences… and select Spectrograms.

That preference controls the Spectrogram track view. It doesn’t affect the Analyse > Spectrogram function.

– Bill

Thanks for your help Bill, Dave, and Stevethefiddle. I make violins as a hobby and there is a lot written about spectra of the so-called “great” ones. Stevethefiddle, do you make and/or play?

I play.
I have made some pick-ups for “electrifying” violins, but I don’t make violins.