Spectrogram, Log f number scale is incorrect

Version 2.0.3, on Windows 7.

The divisions between horizontal bands in a spectrogram should be at multiples of (project rate / window size). Default values are 44100 (bottom left of screen) and 256 (Edit, preferences, spectrogram) giving 172.3.

In Edit, Preferences, Spectrogram, set the defaults (256, Hanning, 0, 22050, 20, 80, 0) then switch an audio track to Spectrogram Log f.

I see the division between the first two bands labelled as a bit less than 20.

Zoom in on part of the vertical scale (click, drag, release), then zoom out again to maximum (repeated shift click), and the display corrects itself.

I have seen this misbehavior with some other values of window size and type such as 2048, Blackman-Harris.

I do not see such errors in ordinary spectrogram view.

Does this cover what you describe: http://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=525 ?

Your Audacity version is outdated.


That does describe it.