Spectral Selection by colour value

Hi Audacity Gurus, Wondering if there is a technique or plugin that will allow me to select and edit a specific colour value from a boxed selection in my Spectral selection view? Similar to how graphic editing programs work. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m trying to select. I wish to preserve the surrounding frequencies in the selection box, and only edit the frequencies with the specific colour shading, as they represent the sound I wish to alter.
As you can see from the slope artefact in the graph, the frequencies are different & climbing at every millisec.

Thanks All.

You’re not the first to suggest that: see …
GSoC 2021 Spectral Editing | Audacity ® [NB: from 2021]

Frequency snapping for spectral editing in Audacity

@Trebor, thanks so very much for putting me onto the spectral brush tool. I started to think I would need to invest in software like Steinberg SpectraLayers, which I don’t think is compatible with Audacity.
The Spectral editing tool by Hu, looks like it got quite far but I still can’t see where I can download a finished plugin?..I guess is it being packaged in the next Audacity release?

Me neither.
Audacity got a new owner in 2021 who have steered it in a different direction.

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