Spectral editing

Can you add the ability to edit specific frequencies?

What I’d like to have, is a spectral analyser. (You’re given a bar graph and each bar represents a given frequency.)
So you could pick any frequency out of the graph, and edit the amplitude.

Then you could make it separate sounds by their frequency. I’m sure sounds are separated by large gaps of 0/low amplitude frequencies.
ie: A door closing would be at the low end, someone talking would be higher up. So it could seperate the 2 sounds.
And say, a door closing slightly faster would have a slight frequency overlap with the other one, so it could identify it as another ‘note’ of the same instrument for example.
That way you could have it isolate all notes of a given instrument, maybe even map it onto a music chart. Have it take any MP3 and extract the score.

Is it possible to add this? Or should I be making my own program for this? If so, how would I get windows to give me the amplitude of every individual frequency from an audio file?

There’s an infinite number of frequencies.
The Spectrum Analysis (Analyze menu) will give you a representation of several thousand of them.

Audio files typically have less than 100k frequencies

Can you edit specific groups of frequencies like i suggested?

How do you make that out?
How many colours in a rainbow?

You can use high-pass filters to isolate high frequencies, and low-pass filters to isolate low frequencies.
The number of frequency bands will be quite few unless you use very steep filters, but steep filters tend to cause ringing.