Spectral Delete Removes Entire Spectrum

New user here. I may be missing something, but when I click and drag to select a “box” in the Spectral View and choose the Spectral Delete tool, the entire spectrum is deleted and everything shifts to the left. It’s as if I just selected a section of the timeline and hit “Delete.” I’m following the spectral deletion procedure in the manual, and I’ve checked that spectral selection is enabled, but I still can’t delete just a portion of the spectrum. Thanks!

Works for me on W10 with 3.5.1


I’m using Windows 11 Home with 3.5.1, and the clip I’m editing is a voice-over. I’ll try again with music.

Oddly enough, Spectral Delete works properly with a music file, but it still deletes the entire spectrum with my recorded voice-over file. BTW-I’m trying to remove a sound but retain the timing and room tone.

Works fine for me on W10 with 3.5.1 on a short recording of my voice:

I can’t test on W11 as my W11 laptop is 1,000 miles away in Zurich.


I just recorded a fresh voice-over, and Spectral Delete works properly. My original voice-over file was heavily edited in its project, so perhaps that’s what is throwing off Spectral Delete (?) Thanks!

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