Specialty cable? 1/8" stereo to two 1/4" stereo plugs

I need some audio cables which have an 1/8" stereo plug on one end and two 1/4" stereo plugs on the other and the 1/4" ends need to be the kind that you can open up and repair/modify.

Do you know if such a cable exist’s or if I would have to make it?

If I have to make it, is there a better place to buy connectors than Radioshack?(ie. less expensive and still good quality)
And where would be a good place to buy wire?


Newark, Digikey, and Markertek. I think I have accounts with all three. I’ve been known to buy the closest R/S part and then take a soldering iron to it for changes.

R/S has started carrying Monster Cable branded cables and the older cheap cables are getting harder and harder to find. The company has been appearing in business magazines from efforts to make a lot more money than they have been. Remember “Tandy Company?” That lasted for what, three months? Now it’s “The Shack.”

What’s the application?


You mean “Tandy Corporation”?

I want to connect my mixer (link to manual) to my recording computer via the Insert I/O Jacks on the back. According to the manual:

The plan is to connect the tip and ring of the 1/4" jacks together and connect one wire to the tip/ring combo and the other to the sleeve. I would have two of these assemblies attached to one 1/8" plug. I doubt I could get two cables into the 1/8" plug so I could have a 2 conductor wire going between the two 1/4" plugs and then a 3 conductor wire going from one of the 1/4" plugs to the 1/8" plug.

I have already tested this idea and it does work.

I never thought about buying these parts from the major electronics houses, I have a Mouser account.

I will end up needing 8 1/8" plugs and 16 1/4" plugs if this idea sounds like it is good.

Any suggestions on plugs and/or wire are appreciated.

Try “CPC” / “Farnell”
They carry an enormous range of leads.

Do I have the correct sites?
http://cpc.farnell.com/ http://www.cpcaudio.com/ or is the first one the one you are referring to?


Thanks Steve, I don’t see what I need there though.

If CPC don’t have them you’ll probably need to make one.

It would be possible to create this by a combination of available leads and adapters …

headphone splitter.jpg
3-5mm plug-to-plug lead.jpg
quarter inch Stereo Plug to 3,5mm Stereo Socket Adaptor.jpg

[but making (soldering) your own would be cheaper and a more reliable connection}

Thanks Trebor, that would work with the right parts and some modification. But as you said it would be more expensive and less reliable than the right cable for the job.

So does anyone have any wire suggestions?
What do you use for making two (signal + shield) and three (signal + signal + shield) conductor cables?

The “1/8" stereo to two 1/4" stereo plugs” specification implies all the connectors are stereo,
if so then all the cables must be stereo: " (signal + signal + shield) " …

two-core screened (stereo) cable.png

All connectors are stereo but that is because I do not know of a mono connector that has tip and ring as one instead of ring and sleeve like common mono connectors.

I’m not sure my earlier description was clear, maybe this diagram will help show what I need this cable to be:
quarter-inchx2 to eighth-inch cable diagram.PNG
PS: I am in the US so merchants based here would be preferred.