Speaker Test

Someone will correct me, but that’s B0.
That came down as a television broadcast yesterday 2016-11-16.
The theme has other, similar notes, but I think that’s the lowest.


How much different does this sound?

The flac file is missing the 16 foot Bourdon pedal. Possibly 32 foot. It’s hard to tell down there.

This stop is most commonly found in the manuals and the pedal at 16′ pitch. In lower registers it provides foundation but does not provide much pitch definition. It is also found in the pedal division at 32′ pitch, where its roll of sound can actually shake the building it is installed in. ©2016 Wikipedia

I can’t tell if the theme is fake instruments or not. If not, where did they get the pipes? It’s not like you can invite someone over to your garage on Saturday to record that. It’s also likely I’m one of seven people who can hear it.

I don’t remember how I set it up; I had to go down and look. It’s a KLH ASW10-120B bass boomer. I have the crossover set for about 80Hz. It wakes up on some disco/dance songs—and this theme now that I’m paying attention to it.

The broadband speakers are pleasant for me to listen to, but have no guts. It’s a good combination.


You’ll hear deep tones a lot. Even the Mac chime started as a “deep sound”. It’s a wake-up call for the hifi enthusiast :smiley:

I’m on lappy speakers now, so no use listening…

In addition to the obvious, how much of that is your shirt moving? I really need to plug in the cans. I have Pro 4AAs. I think they’re supposed to do this. I wish those things didn’t weigh as much as a Land Rover.