spam problems

board needs an automatic check for multiple same titles
and automatically delete the spam

twice this week over 10 of the same spam messages have been posted by the same person. most have had links to hard core xxxx sites and are not related to audacity.

additionally a quick spam delete click icon on the messsage list without having to open it up would be useful. if >2 people flag it then make it disappear until reviewed by management.

We have been discussing this with the board management - they plan in the nearis future to change the s/w that we use for the forum. When that happens we will be implementing a s/w anti-spam strategy to ctach such things in a more automated way.

In the meantime there is a small team of us with reasonable geographical and tim-zone coverage arounf the world who do the spam clean up manually. Usually we get them off the board quite quickly. We normally ban the username , their email address and delete the user and all their posts. We can’'t really block their IP addresses as they tend to use proxy IPs and this can laed to valid users being denied access.

Most of it is pretty easy to spot - but some of the spammers are getting fairly cute with relatively hidden links - just be vary wary of clicking on any of those - or indeed of clicking on any of the links in the obvious spams.

We work hard to keep this a family-friendly and sane corner of cyberspace.