SPAM Debris?

Do we ever get digital debris when we destroy a SPAM account at the exact instant that the Spammer posts a message? A race condition? I have seen one posting that didn’t seem to have a live poster behind it. It doesn’t happen often.


I’ve seen one or perhaps 2 similar instances of posts with deleted users. I guess it’s possible this could be due to a post being sent at the same moment as the spammer is being banned. I think it can occur if you ban a user but do not select to delete all posts. Whatever the cause I think it’s more of a curiosity than a problem.

That’s my understanding too - and that’s why I strongly believe that the default should be changed to “delete all posts” (i.e total extirpation) when you delete the user.


Is it better to ban or delete a user? Or is it better to ban by email?

– Bill

I’ve been deleting the user and posts and yes, I do wish there was a faster way to do it. 27 rapid new postings for "Vi@gr@ do not warrant any further effort.

I think many of these tools are burned into the forum software and do not change.


I think that sums it up.