Space problem

I have audacity 2.05 and it works great. Just recently I tried to bring up a 60 minute recording and then immediately bring up another 55 minute recording to tack onto the end of the first one. In the middle of the second item opening up on Audacity, the system told me I was “out of space” ! I seem to have plenty of space in my Windows package… so is there a “space limit” within Audacity itself? I then tried to start the project over again & the FIRST item I opened up before would not even open up due to the “space issue” Any answers out there ? Mike in KC.

No significant limit in Audacity, no.
It’s talking about your hard drive.

Start > My Computer > right-click on c:\ > Get INFO. I’m not a Windows elf. Consult your instructions.

Read the size of the drive and amount remaining or amount used. We need an actual number, not an adjective.

Audacity has to blast free space to put the actual show, the effects processing and multiple layers of UNDO. I bet it just ran out.


If Help > About Audacity… says that and not “2.0.5” then it’s a bogus version not made by us.

In any case you could consider updating to 2.1.1:

“Get Info” is called “Properties” on Windows.

Also look in Audacity > Preferences… then the “Directories” section. What directory is that pointing to and how much space does it say that drive has?