Sourcing music for use on Audacity

Hi guys, it’s my first post around these parts so I’m not sure if this is the right part of the forum but if it’s not then could someone direct me to the more appropriate place please :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty basic question but I was wondering from what sources I can import music tracks to Audacity for the purposes of a radio demo tape. I know iTunes works but I don’t have iTunes on my laptop and was wondering if it’s possible to convert files from Youtube or anything like that? Or is there any way of recording tracks off Spotify?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks

The problem is not so much “where can you get music from” as a matter of “where can you get music from that you can legally use without breaching copyright”.
“Creative Commons” (CC) provides license terms that permit use, subject to clearly defined conditions.
See here for some sources of CC licensed music:
and here for more info about Creative Commons:

Thanks, I was wondering about the legality side too but forgot to mention that in the post!

I will check out the sites listed on the Creative Commons site and see if they have what I need. Cheers man.