source code of some audacity effects

I would take a look at the source code of some audacity effects.

In particular:
1 - Change Tempo (without changing its pitch)
2 - Noise Reduction
3 - Equalization
4 - Compressor
5 - Spectral edit multi tool

Please, can you tell me the names of their source files ? That is where can i find their corresponding files in the source code ?

Another question: does exist the plug-in of an equalizer impelemented in real time ?

Thanks in advance.


The first 4 are in /src/effects

The Spectral edit effects are Nyquist plug-in scripts.
The plain text script file will be in your plug-ins folder
In the source code:
The plug-in code is parsed by /src/effects/nyquist/Nyquist.cpp (
and is implemented by libnyquist (/lib-src/libnyquist)

The “Bass and Treble” effect has real-time preview

Thanks very much Steve.