Soundsettings for recordings via grundig tk747 tapeplayer

I’m trying to record tapes from a grundig tk747. I have made the connection from the din headphones outlet on the tapeplayer converter cable din - jack 6mm, added a convertercable jack 6mm - jack 3,5 mm and finally a standard 3,55 mm cable to the microphone port of the laptop. because i’m using the headphone outlet I cannot hear what I 'm recording . Is there a way to set the sound within audacity to hear what is being recorded? I’ve tried several options but I couldn’t get it working. I have checked the sound settings on the pc and audacity seems to have access granted (I can see it in the volume mixer )


info grundig tk747

Turn on Audible Input Monitoring.

Note that a mic input is not “correct” for a headphone signal. A headphone signal is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal so you may not get the best quality. A line input (blue on a regular soundcard) is OK, or there are USB audio interfaces with line inputs.

@ DVDdoug,
thanks for the information. For the moment I have no other option than to use the mike entry on the laptop. I needed to test whether or not the headphone output still worked on the tape recorder and whether I could audacity to record what was being played. I will look out for such a USB audio interface as it will certainly be necessary to get a better quality of the recordings.
Stephaan .

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