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Anyway, I’m trying to make some sounds a beginner would not attempt; as in the game that has to do with my latest obsession- the back ground sounds,, and

One sound is added for every 2 pages. First a low droning sound, then a wind sound, then a… is it a beeping sound?

Most of that third sound I can do by plugging my keyboard into a computer, record almost any instrument (flute??) and send it through Effect > Distortion > Leveler multiple times at high compression. I would use my keyboard because it’s far easier to create “instruments on a spaceship” that way than to make each beep painfully by hand.

By the way, that beep isn’t “background.” That’s a plot point pivot sound.

“John. Look at the Framistat Meter. It’s something big and I think it’s headed this way!!”

I did this by hand to show the technique. Generate > Tone: 400Hz. Duplicate. That’s three times through Leveler. You can add “dirt,” change the pitch, duration, etc.


Hm, that beeping is rather close! I just need to add a bit of distortion and it’s fine. Anyway, what about the wind sound? or that low droning?

what about the wind sound? or that low droning?


I thought you were stuck on the beep and had the other two nailed. I don’t know of any way to make those two without a practical effect—find actual wind.

The Cantina Scene in Start Wars was a real band with tons of effects piled on and actors miming to it.

The top one is already extended. The sound is only 7-1/2 seconds long and it’s just repeated with a tiny fade to hide the connection point. Copy the whole track from YouTube. I use SoundFlower on a Mac, your mileage may vary.

Select a large portion between the fades and copy/paste your brains out. Audacity doesn’t have Edit Markers, but we do have Labels and they’re sticky/magnetic. They will help you select large portions of a clip.

I assume the second clip is the same thing. If it’s not, you can make a loop yourself. We can’t unmix a mixed performance, so you must find individual examples of each sound. In the second example, they mixed two different sounds. That’s the end of the world. We can’t take that apart and it’s unlikely you will be able to find two clean loop points to play the extension game.

There’s another setting to help with clicks and pops at edit points. I need to look for that one.


It got moved.

A sound is really a bunch of blue waves going up and down representing air vibrations. It’s safe to cut between two clips—sounds when the blue waves are going in the same direction and crossing the middle.

If you don’t do that, you may get a click or pop at the edit points. That’s why your first clip put a fade in at the junction. If you can’t accurately edit the two sounds, make it so quiet nobody can tell what you did.

This is an edit between two simple waves. The top one is not matched and will click or pop. The bottom one will not. It can get much worse than that with complex waves.

If you have lots of time to kill, you can duplicate the sound so you have two tracks, move one over with the Time Shift Tool so the beginning of one matches the end of the other and apply fades to each one.

This is one where I played two versions of the machine sound slightly off time, so the volume peaks of one fill in the valleys of the other. I gained a couple of ticks in there, but that’s the idea.


Sounds like gasoline-powered lawnmower with reverb added.

Oohh, okay. Though I don’t know about the wind… cause the only time wind comes is when a jet fly’s over my house. I live near an Air force base.

EDIT: THE a sound sounds 99% like the sound in Slender! :smiley:
EDIT2: oops I downloaded it from this form lol