I have a problem similar to Zura’s. When I try to record from LP on Audacity, it shuts down all the sounds on my computer. I have to go in to Windows Media player to reset the sounds, but I can never get any sound when I am trying to record on Audacity. I am running the latest version of Windows 8 on an HP with Audacity 2.0.6 from the .exe installer.

Did you also plug-in a USB turntable? Windows may confused and may be trying to play sounds to this new “USB audio device”.

I think you have probably hit on exactly the problem. Many thanks. Now for a computer illiterate like me, how do I fix it.

I think you have identified the problem correctly. When I unplug the USB, I can reset Windows Media Player. When it remains plugged in, I cannot even do a reset. So for a computer moron like me, how can this be fixed?

I don’t have Windows 8 but in Windows 7, you can right the speaker icon (the volume control icon) and select Playback Devices. From there, you can select the default playback device (which might say “speakers”, but whatever it says, you don’t want to select the USB device for playback.)

Thank you. That worked very nicely. Only now Audacity won’t record from the USB turntable. I can’t find anything on the Audacity screen that will enable the recording. Help!!!

This tutorial should be helpful: