Sounds of 2014 (experimental)!

The vocals are muddy. Compared to the sparkly orchestration, the voices are “soft” and fade into the background. I’m a great believer in not spending a billion dollars on microphones, but some of the less expensive ones do need a little help.

Did you really hear that bass line when you made it, or are you hoping it came out OK? It made my bass system work and typically recording newbies don’t have sound systems that can do that.

Did you use Audacity for everything?


There are also some very-high-frequency squeaks associated with the vocal sibilance. I don’t know if this was something intentional to try and make the vocal part more “mechanical” to go with the synthesizer orchestration or a side effect of your signal processing, but it sounded odd and distracting to me.

I think Koz is trying to say that he found your bass line well balanced, and I would agree. Nice to hear something that has bass without trying to bounce my coffee mug off the desk.

And this is where we find out if K-kewl is a real person. We don’t normally accept blind submissions without some narrative.

And yes, if the vocals are a little dull with the idea of getting rid of crashing sibilances, then your microphone system is broken.

On further reflectance I think the “squeaks” I’m hearing may be the result of using “auto tune” or something similar on the vocal part.

we’ll see if k-kwel replies…

sounds good --did you use Audacity at all?/interesting site as well (picosong).