Sounds in the background. Windows 7-64bit

Hello, I think this may be a good place to post questions regarding PC audio.
In windows 7, when I open a second application, the first applications audio mute. Howcan I avoid that?
In particular the case is with audio Microsoft Flight Simulator, when I click on another program, or outside it, the audio is lost, is mute. I want to continue listening to the audio of Flight Simulator.
Anyone have any suggestions. Thank you.

We prefer to only answer questions about Audacity on this Forum.

As I am sure you know, applications’ audio is mixed on Windows unless you have introduced customisations.

Of course there may be some setting or issue with “Flight Simulator” that makes it take exclusive use of the sound device. You could try unchecking the “Exclusive Mode” boxes in the “Advanced” tab of “Playback” in “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel (right-click over the playback device and choose “Properties”).

This may be a better resource for your issue: .