Sounds Gr8 in Audacity, Rubbish on Myspace!Pls help!

Hi! I took a dance song of mine and used audacity to convert the wav to mp3…it did not hit the red level one time even after changing to mp3, I listened very closely and the recording was perfectly clear, however, when I upload the song to my myspace page the quality was noticeably lower( to be expected as they use heavy compression) but the songs clip or distorts at certain points…if the indicators don’t show red I don’t understand why it clips. I want to make clear that I used good setttings on the encoder(lame) and the mp3 sounded gr8 on audacity with no clipping.I have guitar songs from audacity that were also wav to mp3 and they sound fine on myspace so I am at a loss pls help thx!!:slight_smile:

Drop the level a bit if you intend to upload to Myspace.