Sounds Flatlined

So when I got up today and got to my computer I found my computer at apparently been forced to restart by window’s crappy forced restart system. There was no note or anything before I went to bed for an update. When I started it up and started up Audacity again and opened my main project with many saved sounds that I was going to work on cutting today they were all flatlined. There was some sort of note when I first opened it but I don’t remember at all about what it said. Something about orphaned files.
Originally when I opened the file there were still a few sounds that were working from what I could see but when I restarted the program to try again to get them all back they were all flat. Is there any way to get my sounds back? There were 25 custom sounds that I’ll never be able to capture again if they’re lost.

Forgot to add to the info but it’s 2.3.2 version of Audacity.

I suspect what happened is that Audacity was still open when you left your computer last night and then the Windows update + restart wiped out the audio data in Audacity’s temporary folder. If that’s the case then the audio is gone (forever). I don’t think there’s any way to know for sure if that’s the case - the full error message would have helped us to know, but if my guess is correct it would still not be possible to recover the lost data.

To avoid it happening again, ensure that you always save the project and close Audacity when you finish working or when leaving the computer overnight.

Also, be aware that Audacity saves the audio data in a “_data” folder. The “.AUP” file does not contain any audio (See:

Thanks for letting me know. I’m really sad to hear that that happened and I generally leave it open as I never know when I’m goin to record a sound and it’s never happened before when there was a forced update and I had the project fully saved so I didn’t think that the computer forcing a restart would corrupt/wipe the actual save file as well.