Sounds file recording but distorted audio

I have been recording on Audacity with the Rode podcasting mic (NT) for a few years now.

Today I started having issues. When I’m recording and listening through the headphones it sounds clear and fine. But when I play back, the audio is distorted. It is tinny and echoey.
It’s hard to describe, so I’ve attached a recording.

Any suggestions for how I can fix? Can my mic be broken?

Can my mic be broken?

It could, but probably not.

You’re not recording your voice directly. It sounds like you’re recording after Skype or Zoom echo cancellation, noise reduction, and vocal processing.

Make sure those apps are turned all the way off. Clean Shutdown the machine. Shift+Shutdown > Wait until it finishes, and then start. Run Audacity by itself and see if that helps. It’s important if the damaged changed even if it didn’t get better.

Rode NT1A? How are you getting it into the computer for recording?


Thanks Koz, that appeared to work!!!

I’m using the RODE NT-USB - so it’s connected by USK. I’m an amateur podcaster and up till now this has been the perfect mic that didn’t require any technical knowledge :smiley:

Sounds like echo-reduction audio-enhancement being applied by the computer.
Have a look in windows sound and disable any enhancements in the recording tab …

As Koz mentioned other software can do this (Skype/Zoom) but Windows sound is the first place to look.

Thanks Trebor, I’ll give that a go if it happens again.