Soundlevel problems when exporting


I am having recurrent problems when mixing/exporting 2 or more tracks. Each track sounds fine, but when exporting, it seems like the program adjusts the soundlevels on each track, which sounds really bad. It sounds like the volume is turned up and down by the program. What can I do? I have just installed verion 2.01 and I am using Windows 2007.

Thank you

Exporting two or more tracks of what? You singing? Vinyl capture? Are you Exporting multiple files or one file with multiple tracks top to bottom?

Are you exporting WAV, FLAC, MP3, M4A?

How are you playing the work? Windows Media, Personal MP3 player?

Do they still sound like that if you bring them back into Audacity and play them there?


When you have your two tracks open in Audacity and you play them together (in Audacity) what is happening on the green bars of the level meters. Are they going all the way across? Is the little strip of red at the end of each meter bar turning red?
If that is happening then the combined sound level of the two tracks is too much. You are creating an overload and getting clipping (= audible distortion). To prevent this happening just ease the Gain slider for each track a little to the left. The Gain slider is found in the Track Details panel at the left end of each track and is marked with “+” and “-” .