Soundflower Failed?

– Soundflower Failed? –

Yes, I know it was supposed to and nobody is shocked, but it failed weird. It didn’t just stop dead. It records low volume work… ???

What is the current work-around software? I don’t need fancy routing master processes or environment management, just send the sound to [some software] and it sends sound to Audacity for recording. I don’t use this every fifteen minutes. It’s an occasional utility when I need a sound clip for the forum.

High Sierra 10.13.6 (update)
13" MacBook Air (the older one with the ports)


The new version is called “loopback” and costs $119. A free trial is available, but I don’t know how crippled it is:

Goodness! I guess they figured out what they had.

That UCA-202 and RCA cable is looking better and better, isn’t it?

The current Mac Mini has Stereo Line In and Stereo Line Out. It’s just needs a 1/8" stereo cable.

And a “Y” cable if that’s how you listen. The UCA-202 has a monitor point with its own volume control.


Tests your brains out…for ten minutes. Then it goes into “degraded audio.”

The pricing seems odd. Depending on whom you believe, it’s $75, $99 or $119 USD.


I thought there was another, and here it is, “iShowU Audio Capture” (AKA “son of Soundflower”):

iShowU Audio Capture is free, but they only provide technical support when it is used in conjunction with one of their paid products. Their paid products appear to have an unlimited trial period.

I’ve also noticed that the latest version of Skype includes cloud based recording:

I’ve also noticed that the latest version of Skype includes cloud based recording:

I wondered when they were going to do that. Our version of recording The Whole Conversation was a network connected machine on the sixth floor, subscribing to the conference with no microphone. It recorded everything on the connection with no contribution of its own—basically, everything valuable.

Somebody had to remember to start and stop it…

Yes, there are other software packages available, I’m noticing not based in the US or the UK with their pesky copyright laws. OK, hands? Everybody who thinks LoopBack fees are largely to cover attorney charges from their office in Boston.

I did notice one other thing. Everybody is going for The Big Enchilada: Records any combination of any sound channel in either direction, can reassign and group pathways, sweeps the stoop and boils water for tea. While those are all valuable tools, all SoundFlower did was provide the connection and “fake” device. That works for me.


Best solution: get a windows PC and use WASAPI loopback :confused: :ugeek: :laughing:

It works a treat :slight_smile:


Better solution: get a Linux PC and use PulseAudio’s “monitor” input :wink:

Tribal solutions … :smiley: