Soundfinder and export labels

Hi all,

I am working on a freeware gui using nr(c),gnp(c) and autoloop(c) from nick Appleton.

The missing part in these program’s is: load wave file,soundfinder.ny and export labels.

I asked to add these last two commands in apply chain and edit chain.

Is there any one who has an idea how to integrate this in Visual FoxPro 9 or run it with a dos like command from a program.
Programming is to difficult for me. In foxpro it works, because I know something for it, but it is also hard for me.

Kind regards,

Jan Flikweert

SoundFinder is available in Chains in the latest version of Audacity (2.0.1).
It would be possible to modify sound finder so that it exports to a file as well as producing labels.

Audacity is designed as a GUI program so it will be difficult to integrate it into some other program.