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I know little about SoundCloud, but would it help if we contacted ?


At the moment I don’t think that would be particularly useful to us. At present, the only thing that they have in place is a selection of 29 “Genres” that SoundCloud users can subscribe to. Audacity music makers cross the boundaries of genres and we have people creating music of many different types - the common thread being that they create music using Audacity.

SouncloudGroups hint in their blog that they want to develop their own form of “groups” using the SoundCloud platform. If that happens, then it may become useful as an arena for the Audacity users community, but at present it does not support “groups” - that’s what they are hoping to achieve.

Actually, that was why I suggested contacting them.

would you like to create and run your own group?

I know they are no use to us at the moment.


Thanks for the suggestion Gale. I wasn’t aware of that site until you wrote about it, and I agree that although it’s probably not useful for us now, it could be in the future.

I wanted to propose that too but the topic was locked.
I added some songs there.
It will only work if enough SoundClouders follow the groups (i.e. profiles).
Audacity isn’t exactly a proper genre but why not try.