SoundCloud and Iphone question

If I go on the soundcloud app on my phone under listening history is this amazing track but if you look it up it doesn’t exist. Online it doesn’t even exist even in my listening history except on the listening history on my soundcloud app on my iPhone. With Audacity or without do you know of anyway to get my hands on that beat. Like able to download it or record it without just playing it outloud. Or be able to stream it into a recording on audacity. Yes I have already contacted the creator but I have not received a response and it has been a long time. Thanks- Audacity User

If your computer has a “line level” input (often color coded light blue on full size PCs) the you could connect the headphone out from your iPhone to the line in on your computer with a suitable audio cable, and record it that way. This is unlikely to provide good results if your computer only has a “mic” input and no “line” input as the headphone signal is likely to overload the input (and could irreparably damage the input).

Google search “SoundCloud Downloader”.

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