If anyone knows names and models of really good soundcards that will help improve recording a lot, please reply with the name, model,etc even a link!!

I dont really care about the price at the moment - so any really good type will do - it needs to improve my recording excessively though!!


What are you trying to record?

If you are using microphones, you need an “audio interface” (not a “soundcard”) with a proper XLR microphone input (as well as a good “studio style” or “performance” microphone.

The microphone input on regular 'ol soundcard only works with “computer microphones” and these are only good for communications & gaming, not high-quality recording.

You can get a stereo USB audio interfact for $100 - $200 USD, and many have switchable inputs to switch between mic & line-level, or between mic and instrument/guitar. (You get these from places that sell musical instruments & related equipment. You can try or, etc.)

Another handy option is is a “studio style” USB mic. These are often sold as “Podcast” mics. A USB mic basically has a soundcard built-in. You can find them for around $100. Again, avoid regular “computer mics.” There are some limitations. You can generally use only one at a time, so you can’t record stereo or multitrack (although there are a couple of stereo USB mics), and you can’t use it live with a PA system.

If you are recording line-level signals, there are very good options at lower cost. There are also some special interfaces for recording vinyl or electric guitar.

Beware that most “USB soundcards” only have mic-in and headphone-out, and that makes them worthless for quality recording.

Sorry about this but I have just discovered that getting a USB soundcard will be of no benefit to me since I cannot put a USB microphone in a USB soundcard. This indicates that the soundcard will not be able to help my recording but only playback which is useless to me.