Soundcard to record Ultrasounds


I am looking for a Soundcard that can record Ultrasound.
My onboard soundcard does only record up to 44kHz but I need a soundcard that card record up to 150khz. Could not find anything myself but i am sure that there can be fonud something.
Maybe someone can give me selection?

Please help me,

Thank you! :exclamation:

Most sound cards for audio go up to 192 kHz sampling rate max. That gives a theoretical maximum frequency response up to 86 kHz. In practice it will be lower, probably much lower. Given that human hearing goes up to around 20 kHz max, many sound cards purposefully filter out ultrasound so as to reduce interferences (“your taxi’s waiting…”)

For recording frequencies up to 150 kHz, I think you will need to look for specialist (and expensive) equipment.
Have you tried a Google search for ultrasonic recording equipment? A 30 second search came up with these companies:

Thank you. I hope this will help me to find a Solution.