Soundcard Recomendations

I have a new laptop HP Presario C765TU running XP Pro with a connexant high definition Audio 221 soundcard built in.

The problem is that HP does not support XP Pro!!! so there is no driver support. HP appeared to have been coerced into plugging Vista (Can you believe That?!!..just counted to ten so as not to be instantly banned from this forum!). The driver that I’ve ended up with does not record through the soundcard.

As I am beginning to get seriously into music (recording electric guitar amongst other things) I thought I would invest in a soundcard. The laptop does not have a PCMCIA slot so I believe I should use a USB soundcard.

Can anybody recommend a soundcard and sound system? I really know nothing about this so I would be very grateful if somebody could give me an A to Z.

I use a Behringer mixing desk plugged into a Behringer UCA 202. There are many alternative solutions, but I find this set up very versatile and cost effective.

<<<just counted to ten so as not to be instantly banned from this forum!>>>

Unlikely. The only way you can do that on the forum is to start selling web sites to make my manhood bigger (it’s happened). And even that’s only if they don’t work.


you may get some info off this page