Soundcard Makes Fuzz

Hey guys I have a Yamaha MG116CX Mixer And I Have A Y RCA Cable Plugged Into The RCA Outs On The Mixer And My Microphone Jack On My Comp. When I Record Using Audacity (Guitar, Microphone, Etc) I Get Fuzz With The Recording So Basically Fuzz-Recording-Fuzz. I Have Tried Different Equipment To Record And No Fuzz, So Im Guessing Its My Sound card.

Can Anyone Suggest A Card That’s Known For Not Fuzzing?


I’m guessing it’s your sound card too.
Has your sound card got a “Line in”?

Microphone inputs are far too sensitive for a mixing desk. They expect a signal that is about 1000 x smaller than the output of a mixing desk. You need to use a “Line level input” (“Line in”). Most PCI sound cards have a “Line in” socket.