OS W7. I have a no name USB Cassette Player SPT-M96 made in China. I seem to be able to go through all the mechanics just fine but never get any sound when recording or trying to play in Windows Media Player. I can even burn a disc but never get any sound from it.

Audacity, Windows or both should see the device as “USB Sound Device” or something similar. Start with Windows Control Panels. You can have problems if you started Audacity before you plugged in the device. Restart Audacity and go Edit > Preferences > Devices.


I did everything you instructed. Edit: Preferences:Devices; Shows host:MME, Playback Device: speakers(USB Audio Controller) Recording Device:Microphone Array(USB Audio Con Channels: 2(stereo). Windows control panel shows the device as functional. This is my first attempt trying to transfer tapes to cd’s. Thank you

Select the USB option as the recording device in the Device Toolbar
Ensure that the USB device is set as the default recording device and the recording volume is turned up in the Windows Sound Control Panel

Thank you very much for the info. I have sucessfully gotten to play sound from both the recording device and Windows media player. I think I understand what is going on now. Ken