Sound withdrawl?

Hello. I am recently recording gameplay in addition with Fraps, and with Audacity. A problem I see is that, when I start recording in audacity, everything is awesome. But when I dual record with fraps on, the audio volume decreases to 25% of the volume. Any ideas?

Audacity is a complete slave to whatever the computer is doing. If FRAPS is taking over the computer sound services, then that’s the sound that Audacity is going to get. Audacity controls its input sound by sending commands to the system. It doesn’t actually do scaling by itself. It doesn’t do any effects in real time.


So I am going to have to configure the FRAPS audio settings for it to move over along with audacity?

Is it the recording volume or the playback volume that falls away? If it’s playback volume and you are on Windows 7, see this ( Audacity Manual ) as well as looking at the FRAPS settings.

Do you need to record into Audacity as well as FRAPS? What exactly do you record in FRAPS and Audacity?


I record my audio for my voice in Audacity, and the video volume and video itself on FRAPS. The thing is though, that when I start recording with FRAPS it just makes the volume down, and I like it for be in real time.

I’m also on XP


Why don’t you record your voice in FRAPS rather than trying to run two audio recording applications simultaneously on the same machine?

two audio recording applications simultaneously

This is me backing slowly toward the door…


On XP (if there is no other way), you should be able to go into Windows Sounds and Audio Devices, press “Volume” under “Sound playback”, then unmute the mic. Press “Volume” under “Sound recording” and set the default to “stereo mix” or “what U hear” by selecting the box.

Recording from stereo mix or from the default recording device in FRAPS should now record the game sound and your voice.


Yeah I tried experimenting and whenever I start to record with fraps, it changes my microphone settings to “Sterio Mix” Which makes my volume extremely low, but when I change it back to “Microphone” which is the original volume, it stops the recording with Fraps. I am not sure why these two are conflicting.

A quick search on Google suggests that it is a common problem for the microphone to be too quiet when recording on FRAPS. The usual solution is to turn down the in-game volume (and turn your speakers up).

I do not have any speakers (Headset with microphone attached) but if I were to get speakers and turn up the volume on them, Stereo mix would make my voice louder? Once I record it goes to Stereo mix because it wants to record the video game volume and my own voice, while microphone is only for my voice which is much louder as well. I do not think that I would be able to record the video game with Stereo mix and my Audacity file in Microphone.

That is the object of the exercise so you can record using just one program. A headset is fine, but one with pink and green leads, not a USB headset.