Sound went away. Why?

I dowloaded Adacity and the Lame package, not the zipfile from I downloaded from my HP G62-34ous notebook windows 7 64 bit wireless labtop (spk1) on Dec. 3/12. I saved and then imported my song from Windows music Lib. It played 4 or 5 times, so I read some of the tutorials, then tried to play my song again…no sound. I’m trying to enhance my songs. I did step by step actions. Read tutorials for days over and over. So what went wrong? Need help. Is that a bug :question:

When you play the music, do you get the blue waves and bouncing green sound meter?

Did you recently try a USB microphone or other USB sound device? Sometimes Windows can get confused about where the sound is supposed to go. Click the dropdown next to the speaker and see where Audacity is trying to put the music.

You can also try Edit > Preferences > Devices > Playback.


Yes, but no sound. I will try the option you mentioned and see what happened.