Sound track from Youtube

Windows 7 home premium. I simply want to record and put on my mp3 player a few sound tracks from Youtube videos. Like Adele and Patsy Cline. I tried a few google search advise posts but no luck. When I do record them how do I get them into Windows Media Player or some program that can see my mp3 player. Sorry I am so new to this.

For recording sound that are playing on your computer, see this tutorials:

Then you need to “Export” the recording to create a normal audio file:

The exported files should play in Windows Media Player.
Additional steps may be required to add the file to the Windows Media Player library, but I don’t use Windows Media Player so I can’t help with that bit.

Hardly worth the effort for Patsy Cline - Amazon lists several CDs of hers in the £3.50 to £5 range - this one has 40 tracks on 2 CDs for a mere £3.50 - that’s about 9p a song.

And Adele as a living artiste needs to and deserves to make a living from her work :slight_smile: