Sound Stops Playing After Editing In Audacity

Windows 7 Professional, Audacity 2.0.5, a Dell laptop with onboard sound

Pretty much every time I edit audio (pre-recorded), at some point this laptop’s sound will stop playing back…not only in Audacity, but even when stopping the program.

All sounds. Browser sound, Windows Media Player or WinAmp, even directly playing system sounds in the Control Panel…they all stop working.

The mixer/volume levels look like they should be playing (levels are accurate).

Audacity is the only sound-oriented program on this laptop that does this.

The sound returns after a reboot, and if I don’t use Audacity again, it stays on.


Are you adding some USB recording device to the computer, even if you don’t use it: ?


Nope. No USB sound device. For that matter, nothing’s plugged into the USB ports at all.

There are no other reports of this.

I suggest you reinstall Audacity with “Reset Preferences” enabled ( see ) .

Then make sure your sound card has the latest Windows 7 drivers from the Dell web site for your specific computer model. If you have 64-bit Windows 7, get the 64-bit drivers. Please see: .


Will try that and see if it helps.