Sound Settings

Hi, i made a song not to long ago and made a bunch of adjustments in terms of changing the tempo, modifying the speed, and so forth all to the original sound. Unfortunately, i forgot the settings or in other words adjustments i made to that sound and cant undo anything because i saved the project. I Was wondering if there is a way that i can view all the tweaks and settings i made to the original sound basically saying that i want to see everything i have done to the beat in terms of how much i changed the tempo or how fast i adjusted the speed to be.
Thanks :mrgreen:

You can undo/redo and view project actions at View > History… while the project is open, even if you have saved it.

The Undo History is not saved in the AUP project file or anywhere else so once the project is closed there is no access to the history.

If you would like to request a feature for Audacity to preserve history, please tell us what that feature should be. Would you for example like a text export from View > History…? Or should the Undo History be written in the AUP file (without being able to actually undo/redo those items once the project is closed)?