Sound Resets to 0

We have two computer room at the school I work which have Audacity 2.0.2, the issue is that sometime when the student uses it the sound sets to 0 and an admin has to go into to the machine and reset the sound level from the control panel.
I haven’t been able to identify when this occurs just the after effects of it. would anyone have any ideas about how to resolve this ? Thanks (oh the pcs have realtek hd audio on them, windows 7 64bit)

Do you mean the master volume level resets to zero or the left - right balance resets to zero?

If the master volume resets to zero, the problem is probably broken or incorrect audio device drivers. See Updating Sound Device Drivers.

If the balance resets to zero, it’s probably an Audacity bug, but that bug should not be occurring in 2.0.2. That bug would occur in current Audacity 2.1.2.

If it’s a master volume reset, you should ask your IT Manager to upgrade to the current Audacity 2.1.2 ( .


Yes the Master Volume, you think updating to 2.1.2 would stop that ? I think it used to happen on the previous version we used before we updated to 2.0.2 a while back.

As I said, Master Volume resetting to 0 is most likely a sound card driver issue. Point your IT Manager to the link I gave about sound card drivers.

2.1.2 probably won’t help directly with the master volume reset, but the update might be useful if you don’t mind retraining the students for the new features since 2.0.2. The biggest change is Real-time preview of effects.


Have upgraded one of the rooms to latest Realtek Driver R279 (or Will monitor results and if good will do the same in the other room.
Thanks for the help.

It depends where you got the driver from. If you got it from Realtek directly (rather than from the maker of the computer or the maker of the motherboard) then it’s a generic driver which may or may not help.


Ah, the only problems is the driver hasn’t been updated on the site since 2012. I’m still waiting for them to use the room as we speak.

You mean the proper driver has not been updated since 2012? That may not matter given you have Windows 7 which is an OS. Were you already using the proper driver from 2012?