Sound removal

I am kinda a newbie in using Audacity however I like working with the program. I am currently working on a song for my dance group. I have a problem, my group wants me to edit out a particular sound in one part of the song. Its like a high pitched trumpet song and its really annoying there. Is there any way to take it out? I tryed to put other part of the song instead of the part with the trumpet, didnt played good. Its only like 500ms but I cant edit it all out because it would mess up the counting for the dance group. I am using windows 10, Audacity 2.3.0

Thank you very much

You can try fading-down that part (just making it quieter) with the Envelope tool. The trick with the envelope tool is to leave the ends unchanged and fade up & down with no sudden changes.

You can try the Equalizer effect to “tone down” the harshness of the sound.

Start by selecting/highlighting the “bad” part. Then Analyze → Plot Spectrum to see if you can see what frequencies stand-out.

Then Effect → Equalizer. I recommend the Graphic EQ mode (not the draw curve mode) for “experimenting”. Pull the sliders down in the suspect frequency range to and Preview to see if you can make an improvement.

You may get a glitch where the EQ starts/stops, and you probably don’t want to EQ the whole song, so it’s just something you’ll have to try.

Its only like 500ms but I cant edit it all out because it would mess up the counting for the dance group.

That kind of editing can be tricky… You can try replacing the sound with something else… Maybe you can find a similar section or sometimes you can pick-out some drum beats or something like that. I’ve done some censoring with drum beats or a cymbal crash. Sometimes a drum beat or a( drum-roll or drum-fill) from a different song.

I can’t give you step-by-step instructions but the idea would be to make a copy of the track and paste it into same project.
Then on the original track you can fade-out and silence the bad part, then fade back-in. (Just a short fade, one beat or less.)

On the bottom copy, find the part you want to splice-in. Silence everything else (again with short fades). Move that little clip to line-up with the silence. If you get the timing right you can get a smooth short-crossfade between the two tracks (two crossfades, actually).

Or, you might be able to get-away with chopping-out a full measure (usually 4 beats) or maybe more than that. Again re-join the parts with a short crossfade.