sound quieter after saving.

Hi. I have windows 7 and Audacity 2.x. I recorded the music for a music video on Audacity. Then I put it together on Movie Maker. After I finished editing it, the sound was nice and loud. But when I saved it and played the saved video, the sound was very quiet. What happened? Why isn’t the sound the same on the edited version as it is on the saved version? Thanks.

Please always give the exact three-digit version number from Help > About Audacity.

As what format did you export it?

Import the exported audio back into Audacity. If it’s at the intended volume, it’s a problem in Movie Maker.

If it’s not at the intended volume, you may have turned the -…+ gain slider down on the track. This affects the volume of the exported audio.


Thanks guys. After checking the original audio on Audacity, then the Movie Maker audio, I checked the saved video again and discovered that the sound on the video was turned down for some reason, so I turned it up and all was well.