Sound quality

I have everything installed and working and have recorded a song from YouTube and also ripped a song from Vinyl but the sound quality is miserable and nothing close to the original. Any ideas?

Please describe exactly how you recorded the song from YouTube including the settings in the Device Toolbar, and exactly what make and model of turntable and how it is connected to your Mac.

– Bill

Not sure which settings you’re referring to. I left everything in default mode after the installation. I just started a Youtube song and turned on record after that and exported the file and played it through iTunes.
the turntable is connected by USB is imported by DS Produkte in Germany and the instruction manual just says to use Audacity to convert to MP3.

Device Toolbar:

If you recorded without making any changes to the default settings then you probably recorded the sound of the computer speakers using the internal microphone.

You cannot record streaming audio on Mac without installing Soundflower.

Please see this manual page about recording with USB turntables.
Which is part of this larger tutorial about converting vinyl to digital audio files:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD

– Bill