Sound Qaulity when playing on Ipod

Hello All

I have recorded some music tracks on audacity and have been trying to play them on my ipod. However, when i play them back i have sound problems. On one track one of the stereo channels is just white noise and on the other there is realy load crackling and you can barely hear the track. I have tried following the instructions on the guide and converted using itunes from wav to mp3 from wav to AAC and AIFF etc . None of which seems to make a differnce. I have aslo converted them from WAV and MP3 etc using another package. I have compressed the tracks using the application Audacity. The tracks sounds perefect in all formats when played on itunes,via my pc thru real player and windows media in any format but just sound bad on the ipod itself. The tracks have a bit rate of 128kbs and have been mixed to single stereo tracks, I am using windoes vista and teh latest version of Audacity. Any help would be gretaly appreciated thanks in advance !

Are you able to load other music from iTunes to your iPod?

Cheers steve … I think i have managed to get it it sorted although I am not entirely sure how…I think i recorded the track in stereo but only one of the channels seems to have recorded when i pan to the left there is no sound… i have no re exported the tracks as mono tracks and converted them and this seems to have worked …i have a lot learn i think …

I see you never mentioned the word “iTunes” in any of that. Are you managing the music through free iTunes for Windows? iTunes will do a terrific job of converting music to AAC or MP3 or whatever you want.

Audacity is a terrible converter. If that’s all you installed it for, that may have not been the wisest move.


I already tried to put my recordings in my iPod. I used iTunes to convert them into mp3 and transferred my audio files, and it worked out well. Great sound quality. It also worked well in my other audio player.

You may have accidentally “nudged” the L/R balance slider out of kilter in the Track Control Panel (the box to the left of the track) - but since you say that they play perfectly (in proper stereo?) in iTunes on your computer then that is unlikely.

Are you sure that your iPod is healthy? that is one of the things that Steve was getting at. It could be something as simple as a dodgy headphone input socket on the iPod.