Sound problems

Running a just installed Audacity 2.1.2 on an Acer Aspire running Windows 10.

After installation, I recorded some of my comedy routines for memorization after burning them on a C.D.

Everything went well. Then, suddenly, without me changing anything in the program (which I’m too ignorant of to do anyway) the sound kept dropping out for a split second or two, then back, then dropped out again. The strange thing is that the recording starts out fine and begins to drop out at about the one minute mark. The previous bits I recorded (the first time) went five and six minutes perfectly.

Any thoughts? All I want is to record my material – no music, nothing fancy, etc. Need help. Thanks.

Are you saying you are recording the CD? Don’t do that. Extract the files from the CD to WAV then import the WAV files. See Tutorial - How to import CDs.

If you are recording something else using the internal microphone or a computer mic, try turning off Windows sound enhancements.


Gale, thanks for the response. I wasn’t clear. I’m doing your second possibility, recording something original of my own with the computer microphone and THEN copying it to a CD for use in my car. I’ll try turning off the sound enhancements. I’ll let you know. Appreciate it.

I replied, thanking you, but I’m back with another question and don’t see my reply here. Anyway, thanks I’m recording something of my own on the windows mic.

I’ll try turning off the sound enhancements but (and this is why I came back) … where do I find the menu item to do that?
Thanks, Gale.

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This is not a setting in Audacity. If you click the link in blue that I posted, it shows you how to turn off enhancements in Windows Sound for the mic you are using. Here is the link again: Windows sound enhancements. It applies to Windows 10 too.