Sound problems

My little cassette player will not play on of my tapes properly. It sounds like it is draging. Plays everyting else just fine. I drug out and old stero that plays tapes to use instead. I have used this player in the past with no problem. I have it hooked up to a newer computer this time. That probably doesn’t make a difference. Here’s the problem, When I have the volume at a comfortable listening level the waveform almost covers the whole area. The red meter at the top goes all the way to the right. When I turn down the volume so the waveform looks right and the meter looks good then I can barely hear it. Why? Can I fix it? Another thing, the wave form on the bottom is larger than the one on top. I only have two more tapes to put on CD. I will be glad to get done. This has been very stressful.

Get the waveform correct in the computer, so that it reaches no higher than -6 on the Audacity Meter Toolbar. It does not matter what it sounds like on the stereo player. If you cannot hear it in the computer when the waveform is -6, turn the computer volume up. You can use the left-hand slider on the Audacity Mixer Toolbar to do that:

If it still sounds too quiet, try Effect > Compressor.

If that does not sound balanced between the two channels, use Effect > Normalize. Type the maximum volume you want for both channels in the box. Put a tick (check) mark in “Normalize stereo channels independently” so that both channels are amplified to the same level. Click OK.