Sound Problems [SOLVED]

I’m using win 10 and Audacity 2.0 and am brand new at this. I just loaded the software exactly as the instructions said but I get no sound, either from the player or the computer. When I disconnect the player from the USB port, sound comes back on the computer. Any idea what I did wrong?

Thanks, nby

Windows is probably trying to play through your USB audio device. See the [u]Audacity FAQ[/u].

This solved my problem but now I have another one. I can get to the Locate Lame box.

  1. I hit “Browse” and don’t get Computer, My Computer. Instead I get Documents
  2. I go to OS (C) in an effort to find Audacity.
  3. Go to Program Files
  4. Here is Audacity (not Audacity 2.0.0)
  5. Hit Audacity and get 5 items, none of which are Audacity for win. This is as far as I can go
    I can’t get to the Lame_enc.dll. I tried to open Lame from the disk and it gave me some kind of warning that I was opening a system file.


I think you have now solved the problem with LAME so I will now mark this topic [SOLVED] and lock it.