Sound problem

Didn´t really know where to post this, might be the wrong board but I hope you´ll help me anyway.

The problem is when in speak with other people through programs like “Skype” and “Ventrilo”. They can hear me clear, but when they start talking they hear their own voice through my headphones. The problem would be understandeble if I used speakers and a microphone because the sound would echo and they would hear themselves.

But I´m using headphones with a build in mic and they should not hear themselves talking.

Might just be a setting I need to change somewhere but I really don´t know.

Thankful for answer.

Are you trying to record Skype conversations using Audacity, or is this a Skype question?

You mean they’re hearing an echo? I’m willing to bet this is a Skype or soundcard driver issue, I can’t see how Audacity would cause that.

I can’t help you with Skype, no experience. If that’s what you need help with, you’ll get much better advice from a Skype help board.