Sound problem


I’ve been using Audacity for about a year and had no problems with it. However, recently I opened it and notices tnat the programme’s interface has chanched a bit (toolbars chanched its location). Then, the record’s quality became worse. It became quiet and catched any least noise. Even if I reduce the noise and increase recording volume the record sounds awful. I reinstalled the programme, the interface is nornmal now but the quality of the record is still the same. Also, whenever I start recording this apears (it didn’t before).


I use Windows 10 and 2.1.0 version of Audacity

Your computer has a virus or other evil software. Run your virus protection software in thorough mode (it could take all night).

I’m not a Windows elf, so we should wait for one of those. There may be other steps to take.


Nothing wrong with the picture… IF i got the same picture as yours.

VirsuTotal results: 0/56:

What lead you to the conclusion that this png or site is evil?

Looks like a minor distortion in the picture. Do you have Skype running?

Sucuri SiteCheck lists the site as Malicious:

Sucuri sitecheck is completely braindead…

That’s a file sharing site, so, yes, there are infected files there. Without any doubt.

But to block the entire site is stupid. There are thousands of files that are perfectly safe. FUD as a business model.

Aren’t they capable of maintaining a list of URL’s to the infected files? No, that would be too big of a load on their tool, of course. Ridiculous.

I suppose they block all the other file sharing sites too?

IF i got the same picture as yours.

Probably not. I got the main image and then the system started opening windows behind that one.

'K. That’s enough.

No. I’m not sure Skype is even current on this machine.


The link in the original post opens a page that tries to run a lot of scripts from 3rd party sites. My browser security blocked 13 such scripts. Some of them are from ‘probably harmless’ shopping sites, but at least 6 of them are from sites that are blacklisted by multiple security lists in relation to malware. I would recommend extreme caution with that site, or better still, avoid it completely.