Sound problem

Hello guys!!

This is my first post using Audacity!!

I try to record a guitar sound from my Boss GT 10 multi effect.

The problem is that i can record it, but i can’t hear the sound when playing it.

After recording it, if i want to play the saved file i have to put off the usb cable from my laptop to hear it.

Any tips about that???

Cheers :wink:

I just forget to mention that i have a laptop with win7 on it, and i installed audacity with the.exe program ^^

See here in the FAQ:

thanx but i have already try this option, but there’s nothing more with that, i can still record but can’t hear at the same time what i am playinyg :frowning:

Plug your headphones into the Boss.

lol quite a good answer… :wink:

But i’m sure we can find another way of dealing with it :wink:

Seriously, that is the way to get “zero latency monitoring” of the live input.
You can turn on “Software Playthrough” (in the Transport menu) to monitor from your computer, but that is likely to have so much delay that it is unusable for live recording.