Sound on Vision in a .WAV File

I don’t know if it’s even possible but could anyone tell me if I can remove the noise from the video file I have attached a snippet from?

The noise seems to be recorded (added?) whenever the sound reaches a certain level so might be something to do with the electronics in the recorder: a Zoom Q2HD.

Grateful for any help.

That is very strange distortion. I don’t think it can be fixed.
Does the Zoom Q2HD record onto a flash card?
Have you tried changing the flash card? (preferably for a high quality, high speed flash card)

It’s a San Disk Ultra 30Mb/s class 10 32Gb card. Should be OK?

Strange thing is, some later recordings made the same evening with no changes to the set-up didn’t have this noise/distortion on them.


Way at the end there’s evidence of serious data loss – over and above the obvious chopiness of the sound. The recorder may be getting to a particular loudness level and then “forgetting” how to digitize briefly.

Batteries, broken Zoom (hard to believe, but it does happen) or bad data card. Are you in a position to troubleshoot – so see if you can find out what happened?

I’d start with batteries – charge. That’s pretty obvious and simple. I don’t know what a Zoom does when it starts to run out of charge. Flash the display madly and try to keep going?

Maybe here’s a clue here. The choppiness is regular 161Hz, 326Hz and 481Hz. So something is vibrating or oscillating at 161 times second and putting square wave holes in the sound.

Can you point us to a web site for exactly the Zoom you have?

Were you using the Zoom built-in microphones, or externals?


Also, the sound clip we have has “audio” way out to 30KHz and 40KHz. That’s most unusual. Were you in a location that had radio transmission equipment? Were you set up right next to somebody that had multiple radio microphones?

Were you recording at 48000? There’s a notch in the frequency at 24KHz, but nothing at 22KHz.


Were you using a radio microphone?

Can you reproduce the problem at will, or is it just that one recording?