Sound on computor

Ive got sound playing on my computor
Ive got audacity up … but no sound signal in there
my current settings are …

windows wasap
lin in realteck hi def
2 stereo recording
speakers realtek hi def audi

thanks for comments and suggestions

Set the recording device to “Speakers (loopback)”
The name of the device may be slightly different, but it will include the word “loopback”.


changed to …realtek hi def audio loopback … and that seems to have solved the prob !

Im also sometimes putting audio into my comp from a pioneer music centre…
spose I may have to change things for that !

If your music centre is plugged into “line in”, then yes you will just need to change Audacity’s recording device back to “line in realtek hi def”

YES think I ve got it worked out now

3 sockets at back of my comp … pink … green … blue

the pink must be a kind of sensitive input for audio … say microphones
the green … not sure … could be audio output ?

the blue must be a more robust input for audio… line in from a music centre for eg

I may be wrong but thats my current take on it !

Standard color codes are shown here:

Yes it’s pink for mic input and pale blue for line input.
Lime green is main stereo out.